What is EFT?

Clinical studies show EFT Tapping is a powerful treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other conditions. It’s an evidence-based treatment that produces measurable results– or, as I like to say, it works like a hot damn.


EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is at the forefront of the fast advancing world of energy psychology. It is a simple and effective technique using a combination of modern day talk therapy and ancient acupressure (tapping on meridian points). The process of tapping directly influences the area of the brain that controls the fight, flight, freeze response and, as such, it is an exceptional tool for addressing trauma, releasing limiting beliefs, creating emotional freedom and becoming an active co-creator in your experience of life!


My technique of combining EFT with meditation and working in the matrix creates an experience that I describe as Quantum EFT. With Quantum EFT, we tap into past lives, parallel realities and connect deeply with our Highest Selves so as to move forward in life with the most clarity, liberation, connection & purpose possible. 


Tap In


Replace self-loathing with self-love, and your business, your life, your world, as you know them, transform forever.

Laura Parkinson

I use EFT to powerfully shift negative patterns, limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits. When we "tap on" negative thinking, we clear the emotional charge from past events or current stresses. This allows your natural joy to arise. You don’t have to use willpower to make yourself feel better or think differently, it just happens.



If you’ve landed here, you are likely feeling a pull towards something that feels outside your reach, but also so tangible, like it’s already there, at the same time. You have passions and unique experiences from your past that you have overcome that you know couldn’t have happened to you without any real reason. 


The truth is, you absolutely DO have a powerful, unique purpose! 


That kind of magnetic purpose doesn’t come from hard work. In fact, in the work that I do we actively reject this thinking, because it has everything to with tapping into Your Highest-Self and letting her lead the way. This is accessed through healing, tuning in, developing core self-love habits and taking Inspired Action in co-creating your experience. In this reality, your efforts land with ease, joy and abundance! 



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