Done are the days of band aid solutions that contribute to holding us back and keep old antiquated systems in place. What is here now is deep, foundational healing that runs seamlessly alongside businesses created and expanded by women who are rising up and affecting massive impact in the world! This is the work I facilitate now through quantum EFT tapping, meditation techniques, journal prompt activations, community connection and intuitive PURPOSE-DRIVEN coaching that doesn’t just “produce results”, it becomes a way of life. We merge quantum EFT with cutting-edge business strategy to, literally, fucking slay! 


Self-love and business are NOT separate from one another. When you love yourself more deeply you begin to create waves. As momentum compounds, those waves become bigger and are no longer able to be contained. This creates impact. As you create impact, INCOME becomes a natural by-product! 

You Can Expect ..

  • Intuitive Conscious Business Creation

    Create and grow your business through the use of universal laws, trust and intuition, alongside conscious business strategy. From content creation, to launching new offerings, to healing alongside your business expansion, you will ground into stable success and peaceful wealth through this work. 

  • A Powerful Container

    All of my clients gain access to my membership collective, where we have created a powerful container of momentum and energy. In this space, creativity ignites, release occurs quickly, benefit is borrowed by everyone. This group is held by forces greater than us…just sayin’!

  • Deeper Connection to the Body

    Unlock the wisdom held in your body and better understand yourself. You will become attuned to your body and be able to use it as a beautiful compass for decision making. Soothe the nervous system, thereby releasing fight, flight or freeze and spend more time in rest repose, allowing you to make bold moves with ease and confidence.

  • Connection to


    This is SO fun! Create a connection to where you are going and physically connect to the essence and vision your future Higher Self is holding for you.

  • Connection to the Energy Field

    Release old soul wounds and traumas held here to expand your ability to create and hold peaceful wealth. EFT allows permanent release of emotional trauma, from this lifetime and past, across ancestral lines. You will learn to feel your energy field and better understand how it interacts with other people’s fields, guiding you in business decisions that are grounded and growthful.

  • Regulation of the

    Chakra System

    Optimization of your 7 main chakras centers, thereby increasing access to vital life force energy and creativity.

  • Deeper Connection to your Higher-Self

    Bypass the ego with EFT Tapping and meditation, release limiting beliefs and old patterns and be led by your Highest-Self in decision making on all levels to experience a greater sense of peace and success in your business and life.

  • Connection to your Inner Child

    Clear core childhood wounds, patterns and belief systems that have been handed down by your parents, teachers and even past lives, resulting in deeply transforming old programming.

From deep soul healing, to content creation, to grounded strategy - coaching with me is like nothing else being offered in the industry.

Are you new to tapping? Or perhaps you have been following my tapping sessions for some time now? Either way, I have found that when I tap every day, for even just a few minutes, something magical happens. I see my life through a more optimistic and trusting lens. My body feels calm and grounded. My thoughts are clear. And when I take action, it lands the way I had intended - with ease, excitement and flow! 

I want you to feel this way, too! It’s not hard, in fact, it’s right at your fingertips. 

If you think that you do not have a unique purpose, you could not be more wrong. In fact, your unique purpose has always been part of you. It’s part of the essence of who you are. You were born with it, possibly many lifetimes over!


Your Highest Self is waiting for you to embrace your purpose and step into the reality that she has been guiding you towards! 


It is time to partner with someone who can help you...


- clear all the noise

- hold the vision for you even when you can't quite see it for yourself yet

- wake you up to your Divine Purpose

- create plans to bring your unique purpose-driven passions out into the world! 


Passion +Purpose = Your ability to create absolutely anything, including a wildly successful business, out-of-this-world clients, an infinite supply of money, and incredible, life-changing opportunities!










Tapping Into Freedom

This program is the step to take to get into that downstream flow; where you take action and it actually lands. Where you prioritize your energy and your outcomes exceed your expectations! Where your energy is magnetized and where things that  used to totally rattle you and make you question yourself, now just roll off your back.


Self-love, purpose and freedom are the end goals and you will feel more of these than ever!

The results: raise your vibration, become a magnet for the people, experiences and opportunities that will create growth for your business and your own self-love!

A powerful, heart-led container that will enhance your creativity and deliver massive expansion in your life and business!

Made for women entrepreneurs who are ready to embody an intuitive, spiritual and integrity-led approach to growing strategically developed businesses that are not only successful, but feel in complete alignment with who they are.

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