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Are you ready to close the gap between how you have been feeling in your life and business and how you are truly ready to feel


Are you ready to come into full alignment with your Higher Self and watch the magical unfolding of abundance in your life because of it?


Are you ready to experience a community that feels like a sisterhood of connection, support and empowerment?


If so, welcome! You are in the RIGHT place.



















What's Included

The Self Love Rebel Membership Collective is jam packed with transformational goodness!


Discover a whole new way of "business development".


This way honours all parts of you: liberates you from the patriarchal business paradigm that has never felt aligned, deepens your self-love and bridges who you are with a visionary business that is reflective of your love for yourself and humanity!


Big or small. Far reaching or local. Your business is made from you, for you, for the elevation of ALL!


Let's do this. 

  • Monday Medicine EFT sessions via Facebook live to set you up for the week

  • Monthly guest experiences that will blow your mind

  • Access to material from me that you can't find anywhere else

  • Monthly members-only Women's Circles & group oracle card readings, via zoom

  • Monthly group EFT coaching calls with ME, via zoom

  • The best community EVER!

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Self Love Rebel Membership

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Amanda Connell


“Working with Laura has completely changed my life. Out of all the work I’ve done with other practitioners, and other courses I have taken over the years, my work with Laura has been the most valuable and has been instrumental in my growth and development as a person and in my business. I’m so so grateful that our paths crossed and I love her to bits.”

Lesley Fornelli


"Within the three months of working with Laura, I was able to identify and move beyond countless limiting beliefs, some I was aware of, many that I wasn’t. I had new clients contacting me. I created a course.  I started an EFT certification course and most importantly, I became clearer on who I am, what lights me up and where I want to go. Working with Laura is magic!"

Nancy Read


Working with Laura has been truly transformational and such a gift. I have rekindled my coaching practice and have many new projects and ideas coming that encompass so many aspects of my life and dreams. The connection and community that I have received through working with her has been like coming home. growth.”

Join and dive right in!


Whether you are actively building your business (coaching, healing, network marketing, numerology and more) this is a space that will teach you how to align with the Divine timing cycle to become a true active co-creator with the Universe. Your momentum will speed up, transformation will happen quickly and you will begin seeing your efforts manifest in your physical world! 


Access TONS of past tapping, meditating and teaching content to help propel you in the direction of where you want to go, but have not been able to truly embody and experience. 


There is activation in the community even in past recordings for you to tap into and new content created weekly!


If you are unsure, I invite you to send me a message via FB, Instagram or email if you would like to connect to determine if this community is right for you. 


I can't wait to connect with you!


Xo, Laura 

Perhaps, we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done. 

Rudy Francisco

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