Laura Parkinson

BSW, Adv EFT Tapping Practitioner, Purpose-Driven Business Coach, Self-Love Rebel

I help highly-sensitive, passionate, visionary women channel their purpose into a prosperous business, to create a massive impact in the world and lead the way in next-level business consciousness!

My Story

I have been an entrepreneur since my early 20’s when I started a jewellery company with my best friend. We booked home parties and sold high-ticket, one of a kind creations like it was no big deal! This is when I started to understand that it wasn’t as much about the product I was selling, as it was about how we made our party guests feel. I have since translated this into everything I do. 


But I had powerful beliefs around making money that was steady and came from doing something selfless. I have always been a “helper”, raised by a single mom and a Grandpa who lived helper lifestyles themselves, and I believed that this meant I had to choose a career in line with this aspect of myself. I chose to become a Social Worker. It felt good initially because I believed I was giving back to my community and the world in some way, but I quickly learned that it was going to be at my own expense.


I bet you can relate! Highly-sensitive, intuitive women like us FEEL the injustices in the world and want to help, but usually to our own detriment. Because service to others tends to mean sacrificing service to self, including your emotional and your financial health. 

As a Social Worker in the field of Child Welfare, I had an uncanny ability to connect with the most “oppositional” youth and get them to do what we wanted them to do (like, come home at night instead of stay out on the street). This wasn’t because I had the right words or the right strategy; it was because I could connect in a way that the youth could feel that I was on their side and they would respond to that. 


I transitioned out of Social Work when I very much stumbled upon a network marketing company with a mission for social change combined with health and healing. As a mom to two young boys, I was ready for more purpose that wasn’t slowly killing me like my social work career was and that could allow me more time with them. In this return to entrepreneurship, I was still “helping”, but for the first time in my life, I saw a vision for myself for being able to make more money in a year than the 60k I was tied to in social work. 


My network business sky rocketed and I achieved in 14 months what most people never achieve in the industry. I had a thriving business of women who also saw the vision and were diving in with me, because of how I translated my purpose into a feeling that others could feel, too. 


However, I quickly discovered a culture of self-criticism and self-loathing in this industry. Women were beating themselves up, trapped in a cycle of suffering because when they didn’t experience the growth and success that was sold to them, they made it about themselves and how they weren’t measuring up. And in the midst of all of my perceived “success”, I fell into this trap.


This is where I saw a gap that was screaming to be filled. 


I dove into my own journey of self-discovery and healing and found a purpose driven by liberation, freedom, connection and self-love. 


My Self-Love Rebel coaching business was a response to the cry for help from all of these women who, just like me, longed for more self-love and purpose in their lives and in their businesses. 


Self-Love Rebel is a movement led by feeling and EFT Tapping allows everyone woman who comes to our SLR community to tap into this feeling for themselves!


Since the birth of Self-Love Rebel in 2019, I have worked with over 170 women through my online programs and one-on-one, had multiple 15k launches, created a solid stream of passive income, all while consciously creating more freedom and spaciousness in my life. 



But these numbers are NOT why I do this. 

A powerful movement of Self-Love is why I do this. Women's lives are changing!


I have been able to take all of my education and experience as a Social Worker, as a successful entrepreneur, as a healer, as a highly-sensitive, intuitive woman-on-a-mission to support the healing and transformation of humanity and funnel these parts of me into the business I nurture today. Done are the days of band aid solutions that contribute to our oppression and keep old antiquated systems in place. What is here now is deep, foundational healing that runs seamlessly alongside businesses created and expanded by women who are rising up and creating massive impact in the world!


This is the work I facilitate now through EFT tapping, meditation techniques, journal prompt activations, community connection and intuitive PURPOSE-DRIVEN coaching that doesn’t just “produce results”, it becomes a way of life!

Women are liberating themselves from their own suffering, creating impact through their businesses and experiencing more freedom than they thought was available to them! They are creating a ripple effect in their industries that is not only delivering on more impact and income in their individual lives, but contributing to this movement of liberation, freedom, connection and self-love for humanity.


If it doesn’t feel good, then something just isn’t right and I am here to help you create a business so right that your soul screams YES! It is time to tap into the Highest version of you, the you who has been longing to be seen, heard and loved all along!


Women who have worked with me have gone on to ...

  • Leave unfulfilling jobs to create impact through their purpose and replace their income through their businesses.

  • Create courses, programs and events built around their unique purpose and sell them out.

  • Hit new ranks and make more money in their network marketing business in ways that now feel easy and fun, instead of hard and forceful.

  • Create gatherings of like-minded women who are ready to share and receive each woman’s unique teachings and get paid to do this!

  • Love themselves more deeply, enough to do brave things like launch programs, create online communities, share their purpose through print, facebook lives and online video conferencing.

  • Increase their coaching package prices.

    • Attract new business partners into their network marketing businesses who are motivated, excited and ready to make their own stamp in their industry.

    • Get paid to do what they love!

    • Follow passions that they have been keeping hidden, like becoming certified EFT Tapping practitioners, Life Coaches, Yoga teachers.

    • Have the confidence to boldly claim what they want – more time freedom, more fun, more adventure, more peace and more money.

    • Leave marriages whose contracts have ended with peace, Universal love and purpose.

          • And so much more!


          With a 9 year foundation in social work with children in ministry care, I have taken the most profound learning aspects of my years as a social worker, able to connect quickly and authentically with children and adults who have experienced severe trauma, and merged these with my intuitive gifts as an Advanced EFT Tapping practitioner and Purpose-Driven Business coach. I have a passion for creating communities online that allow for a wide reach of your message and connections that are magnetic and in full alignment.

          9 Year Foundation in Social Work 




          Advanced EFT Tapping Practitioner Certification




          BSW from The University of British Columbia

          I received my Bachelor of Social Work from the University of British Columbia. I completed my Advanced EFT Tapping Practitioner certification with Sophie St. Pierre, founder of the 5th Ray Healing academy, Master EFT/ Tapping practitioner and trainer, speaker, healer. My training was rigorous and I was followed closely by Sophie and still work with her to this day.


          I can see many paths for healing and many paths for business success for the women with whom I work. I help hold a vision for the women I work with, even when they can't hold it yet for themselves. We then close the gap between where they have been and where they are going and beyond! 

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