Tapping into Freedom: The Liberated Woman!

Do you want to know the TRUE secret to a purposeful and highly profitable online business? Taking control of your mind, partnering with your body and falling madly in love with your heart! Are you ready for this expansion? Let’s go! I am here to partner with YOU on this 10-week journey into FREEDOM!

Does this sound like you?

You have hit a road block in your business, or…

You have an idea for a business, but fear is holding you back from even getting started. 

Sometimes it all feels like too much…the comparison, the limitations, the perceived failures, the old stories holding you back.

You know you were meant for more and you have a desire to create income through streams that feel good, but you haven’t figured this out yet.

You feel things deeply and, at times, you wish that you could just be lighter, more easygoing, decisive and confident.


The truth is, the deeper the feeling, the more impact you have to make! You are closer than ever to landing into your true purpose, into true FREEDOM!


Imagine no longer being paralyzed by the fear of moving forward and knowing exactly who you are, what you want and how you’re going to get it!












Tapping into Freedom: The Liberated Woman

This 10-week, 8-module program is going to transform your relationship with yourself and your business!

The next round launches January 2021! Join the waitlist now! 


Throughout this program, you will experience profound mindset shifts, deep body connection and powerful heartset mastery, all of which will allow you to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs quickly with ease. 


  • Stop spinning your wheels in confusion and doubt.


  • Have more energy and emotional freedom in your life and business. 


  • Learn to set healthy long-term goals that don’t come at the expense of your health or your relationships. (hello intuitive, Divine planning and inspired action!)


  • Feel a deep sense of peace while you are growing a consistent and sustainable business.


  • Become a magnet for people who WANT to work with you.


  • Experience the time freedom you signed up for!

Here is what makes

Tapping into Freedom: The Liberated Woman different

My method of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), aka TAPPING! 


EFT is an energy medicine tool that is an evidence-based treatment used widely for depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. and continues to produce profound measurable results in relatively few sessions. Or, as I like to say, it works like a hot damn! 


In Tapping into Freedom, we will use EFT to powerfully reprogram the brain, soothe the nervous system and creates space for massive expansion and growth in your life and business! 




Why is this so Cutting Edge?

Success is 80% psychology and 20% strategy. But our world focused SO much on the strategy and virtually ignores or glosses over the psychology!


We’ve had it all backwards and it is time to finally get on track. 


Once you see how your THOUGHTS and FEELINGS affect your business, you can then master them! When we learn to master the 80%, the 20% inevitably becomes EXCITING, EASY and INCREDIBLY REWARDING! 


    If you want to change your life, you are in the right place!

    Don’t just take our word for it…

    Working with Laura and her style of EFT has been nothing short of life changing. I have found a beautiful clarity and am now truly aligned and doing the things that light me up! Laura helped me re-member how truly fucking powerful I am!!

    Veronika Colnar


    This course was by far the best personal development experience I have had this year. I am more tuned in to my soul's purpose and actively, purposefully allowing it to unfold, every single day.


    Meredith Dawson


    I took Tapping into Freedom and it was LIFE-CHANGING!!! It was the kickstarter to my self-love journey!!!!




    Amanda Connell
















    Laura Parkinson, BSW, Adv. EFT Practitioner

    My Core Values


     Integrity is paramount in all I do as a Purpose-Driven Business coach, EFT Tapping practitioner, Self-Love Rebel and Divine feminine entrepreneur. You can count on me to be in integrity in our work together and in the course content I deliver. 


    I will teach you proven methods for freeing yourself of the things that bind you. You will experience profound lasting change and more liberation and freedom than ever before. 


    Bringing women together and cultivating connection is integral to the powerful group work that I facilitate. You can trust me to hold the space for our community connection and encourage loving, supportive connections between all of us. 

    What's Included

    10-weeks of highly-activated workshops that build upon each other and deliver life-changing results.

    Emotional Mastery

    • Identify and overcome old programming, limiting beliefs, fears and resistance.
    • Begin writing a new story for yourself and your business. 

    • Learn to move through your emotions, instead of containing them. 

    • Cultivate your own practice of Inspired Action.

    • Build your self-belief and begin investing in yourself and your dreams for the world.

    • End the cycle of living a life that is out of your control and become an active and powerful co-creator of your reality! 


    Heartset Mastery

    • Fall in love and create a powerful and PURPOSEFUL relationship with your heart. 

    • Learn about your vibration, why it is paramount that you focus on it and how to begin raising it now.

    • Open up to new possibilities and expansive creativity.

    • Learn the art of forgiveness and how to use it to create more freedom and success in your life

    • Learn how to tap into your energy and BE your own medicine.

    • Develop your manifestation muscle and be more open to receiving than ever before.



    • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group for the duration of the program, with lifetime access to the community and content. 

    • A highly-activated container that supports massive transformation. 

    • Network in a creative community with soul-sisters that supports your personal and business expansion.


    Partnership and Deep Connection with Your Body 

    • Attune to the infinite wisdom in your body to experience more clarity, focus and energy. 
    • Reconnect with your body as your true partner in your business.

    • Begin shifting away from fight, flight, freeze and spend more time in rest, repose. 

    • Learn to use your body as a compass for decision making and to cultivate your intuition. 


    Weekly Live Workshop-Style Zoom Sessions

    • 11 weekly live coaching workshops with program content and time for personal discovery and powerful coaching from me. 

    • Consider the life you will create when you have access to weekly workshops that focus on your emotional mastery, deepening your connection to your body and turning up your heartset!


    Direct Access to Me! 

    • This is the closest way to work with me outside of one-on-one coaching.

    Coaching Starts at $2250

    Features of

    Tapping Into Freedom: New You NOW

    • Weekly group workshops and coaching sessions

    • EFT Tapping and Purpose-Driven coaching 

    • Leading-edge meditations

    • Energy Medicine Tools

    • Innovative energetic practices

    • Activated group sessions

    • Journal activities

    • And so much more!


    Are you ready to feel…


    When you do the work of loving yourself more fiercely, nothing holds you back! You move forward with confidence, purpose and drive and you make massive waves in the world!


    When you begin partnering with your body and learn the tools to prime your energetic magnet, what you truly want can’t help but find its way to you! 


    When you do this work you begin truly liberating yourself from everything standing in your way. One day you will wake up and realize that you are living a life filled with more joy, more possibility and more freedom than you even realized was available to you!

    Tapping into Freedom is for the woman who…

    • Feels stuck in negative thought patterns and habits. 
    • Longs to be free from fear, self-doubt, comparison and inaction. 
    • Has a desire in her heart for more, but doesn't know how to get there.
    • Is ready for LIBERATION and FREEDOM in all aspects of her life! 

    What Clients are Saying...

    Through tapping with Laura, not only did I get a better clarity on how I want to do MY business, my way, but it touched areas in my personal life, that I didn't even realize were there!


    Jody F.

    Laura is the real deal; Loving, compassionate, smart, innovative and full of empathy. She is a wonderful teacher.




    Voula S.

    Laura was always so kind to take time to answer my questions and address things that came up during tapping. She is such a beautiful soul and I know I was

    led to work with her for this reason.

    Amanda D.

    Over $5,400 in Value! Claim your Spot!


    $5,400 in value, Only $997 now! 


    + 3 months FREE in the Self-Love Rebel Membership Community, a $300 value. 

    Enroll now!


    • 10-weeks of workshop-style content

    • EFT Tapping and Purpose-Driven coaching

    • Life-changing teachings, tools and practices

    • Leading-edge meditations

    • Exclusive private Facebook group for deeper connection

    • Lifetime access to all content

    $997 + GST

    100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!


    Kick off 2021 with a BANG!!!!


    Say YES to Tapping into Freedom: The Liberated Woman during early-bird pricing and receive a BANGING VIP EXPERIENCE WITH ME! This includes:


    - A FREE 1-hour one-on-one VIP tapping session with me

    - Recording of your VIP session

    - Followed by 3 days Voxer/Messenger access with me to process and integrate ($250 value!)


    HOORAY to launching into 2021 together with a BANG!!!


    Xo, Laura 

    Payment plans available

    January 2021 dates coming soon!


    Program Workshop schedule is as follows:

    - Monday night's at 7:00PM PST / 10:00PM EST 


    - Friday morning's at 10:00AM PST / 1:00PM EST


    Come to one, come to both, switch it up week to week...whatever feels best for you.


    All calls will be recorded and posted in the group after each workshop.