11 Days of Elevation

with EFT Tapping!

Presented by Laura Parkinson

Purpose-Driven Business Coach, Advanced EFT Tapping Practioner & Self-Love Rebel

Are you ready to ELEVATE?

The power to transform your life is literally at your finger tips!

  • When?

    Any time you want!

  • Where?

    Right in your inbox! 

  • How much?

    $111 is your cost to Elevate for 20-30 minutes a day with EFT Tapping! Access over 4-hours of exclusive tapping content that delivers high-vibes & fiercer self-love every time!

Are you curious what 11 Days of Elevation with EFT Tapping can do for you?!...

Getting into the groove of a daily practice of high-vibe tapping every day with Laura WILL change your life...

  • Raise your Vibration & Increase Self-Love

    Develop a force-field of high-vibration around you and love yourself more fiercely than ever!

  • Gain Clarity and Focus

    Develop a force-field of high-vibration around you!

  • Connect with your Body & Feel Calm

    Honour your body, decrease pain & soothe your nervous system. Buh-bye anxiety!

  • Feel Happy, Energized & Inspired

    Clear out the old stories to create productive new ones that truly serve you! 

Since taking Laura's course, I am more tuned in to my soul's purpose and actively, purposefully allowing it to unfold, every single day.

Meredith Zoe Dawson

Thriving Life Facilitator & Wellness Warrior

Laura has helped me to look at so many beliefs in a completely different way and also given me tools to use daily to bring me back home and balanced in my body.

Lindsey Reichmuth

Blue Diamond Leader, doterra International

I have transformed since working with Laura. I am lighter, clearer and have made decisive choices in the direction of my dreams that I never thought I could make! 

Sam Bradley

Silver Leader, doterra International

I'm ready to ELEVATE with EFT!

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Don't worry, I got you! Read on to have all of your questions answered.

  • 1. WTF is EFT anyway?! 

    EFT Tapping (Emotion Freedom Techniques) is at the forefront of the fast advancing world of energy psychology. It is a simple and effective technique using a combination of modern day talk therapy and ancient acupressure (tapping on meridian points). The process of tapping directly influences the area of the brain that controls the flight, fight, freeze response and as such, it is an exceptional tool for addressing trauma, releasing limiting beliefs, creating emotional freedom and becoming an active co-creator in your experience of life! 

  • 2. Where do I access the daily Elevate with EFT Tapping videos?

    You will receive all 11 days of Elevation right in your inbox! These tapping sessions were recorded LIVE so you gain access to the potent group energy in all of these sessions! Access all the tapping sessions in one place to make daily tapping easy peasy.

  • 3. What if I am new to tapping and have no idea what to expect?

    This program is for everyone. Whether you are a seasoned tapper or brand new, it's for you. Rest assured, you're in good hands, I will teach you everything you need to know (which truly is not much!) and am here to support you in your own experience of elevation with EFT tapping! 

  • 4. Should I do them in order or can I hop around?

    The tapping sessions were specifically designed to be completed in order. My suggestion is to complete them in order the first time around and then after that you'll know which ones are your faves and you can jump around as you please! But you know me - I LOVE to break the rules - so this is only a suggestion and you do you, sister! 

  • 4. Still have a burning question or are feeling unsure? 

    Please send me a message! You can find me on facebook as Laura Parkinson or via my Self-Love Rebel business page. You can also email me at lauraparkinson@selfloverebel.com. I would love to hear from you.

11 Days of Elevation with EFT Tapping is at your fingertips. What are you waiting for?

Elevate your self-love today!